AtlasPROFilax Technique
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AtlasPROfilax Technique

Adult £225
Children under 16 £150

Harley Street practitioner offering bi-monthly clinics at the Manchester Therapy Centre.

The AtlasPROfilax Technique is a ONE TIME procedure and includes a free follow-up session.

No charge will be made if your C1 is assessed to be in its correct neutral position.

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Product Description

Who will benefit from the AtlasPROfilax technique?
Everyone, from babies to the elderly, will benefit from the AtlasPROfilax technique.
It will also benefit people who have been involved in a car crash or fallen off a horse, bicycle or ladder.
In addition, it can help rugby players, footballers and those who can’t recall any previous impact or injury.

What is the Atlas?
The Atlas is the first cervical vertebrae in the neck, also called C1. It is situated at the base of the skull.

Is my Atlas misaligned?
95-98% of human beings have a misaligned Atlas from birth. This can be due to an inherited defect or to the mechanical stress during the birthing process. Conventional medicine does not consider Atlas misalignment to be a cause of disorders in patients. It does not show up in regular X-rays or magnetic-resonance imaging. As a result of this, the problem generally goes undiagnosed.

How a misaligned Atlas could affect the rest of the body?
The Atlas not only carries the skull, but also facilitates suspension, balance, and control of the spine and skeletal system. A twisted Atlas can cause significant adverse changes to the posture. The spine can be compared to a chain – when the first link is twisted it affects each link down to the last.

What does the AtlasPROfilax technique involve?
Massage is applied to the short musculature of the neck, using a specially designed hand-held patented device. When the muscles are loose, the Atlas can slide gently down into place by itself, safely and permanently, and in only one application. There is no popping, twisting or cracking of the neck vertebrae, or any kind of chiropractic manipulation.

How is the AtlasPROfilax technique different from chiropractic work?
The Atlas correction is a non-medical and non-chiropractic procedure. It requires no cracking of the neck or any kind of chiropractic manipulations. It is not an adjustment but a permanent relocation of the Atlas.

How many sessions do I need?
Only 2 sessions are needed. The initial AtlasPROfilax technique session is for the Atlas realignment.
The follow-up check-up is free of charge and includes any muscular release massage required and clears any negative cellular memory, helping the body to re-adjust to its new position.

Will the Atlas stay in place?
It is normally very easy for the C1 to settle into the wrong position if it is out of alignment from birth. However the Atlas (C1) and the Axis (C2) form a joint, and like any joint in the body they are designed to fit. A corrected Atlas will stay aligned as the weight of the head will naturally keep the Atlas in its proper place.

Therapist: Marie-Agnes Casalini